Blood Road

Rebecca Rusch is one bad beeyautch, peep this. Her new movie is rad. It’s called Blood Road and it’s the best movie I’ve seen from Red Bull Media House. As painful as it was to drive to helL.A. for the premiere on Monday, I did, and unlike some Santa Monica hipsters I actually really like Red Bull movies. I’m not just saying this because Rebecca’s a bro-ette either (although I would). It’s really good. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will reimburse you if you’re not totally satisfied.

Official trailer:

Rebecca Rusch attacked my let at the Blood Road movie premiere.

She was so hungry after filming she tried to eat my leg. Silly Rebecca, legs are for casts (not mouths).

monumental suck/who votes for this shit?

In an ongoing effort to annoy coastal Americans the Trump administration continues to threaten protected federal lands. Obviously this defeats my tree-hugging/ivory tower conspiracy to waste Earth, as revealed in NPR’s analysis:

The ultimate fate of the [27 national] monuments is murky partly because a president’s authority under the law that established them, the 1906 Antiquities Act, may be open to dispute.“What Utah’s Canyon Country Can Tell Us About Trump’s Monuments Review”, June 10, 2017

It’s like there’s a covert competition between far right leaders for who is the biggest asshole.