Beastmaker 2000 Mono Sets

My projects have monos. I’m OK with that. Monos are rad because they take a long time get good at. This specific kind of strength is crafted over years of calculated effort. But once the strength is there, it lasts forever.

The following sets start on open-hand slopers and 2-finger pockets before getting into true mono work. I’ve placed easier, short duration hangs up front. By the time I get to the real business I’m beyond warmed up, a little tired even. Taken by themselves, without the introductory hangs, the mono hangs are not very challenging. This has decreased the intensity of my mono sessions without hurting my high-end power. I can still go just as heavy and I feel less burnt out on climbing days.

1. Standard Mono No. 001
2. Standard Mono No. 002