Tuck Frump

The movement to suckify America continues. Although, an unanticipated benefit seems to be that Robert Reich and Dan Rather now appear in my Facebook feed. How Facebook sensed my political frustration and subscribed me to agents of liberal resistance is beyond me, but I’m glad for that at least.

“Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s interim report, released today, calls for a reduction in the size of BENM [Bears Ears National Monument] without specifying how much.”

— Libby Sauter, UKClimbing.com | Protecting Public Lands in the US

I was flipping through surf pr0ns on RedBull.com when this caught my eye:

“When someone says, ‘Truth is stranger than fiction,’ whether they know it or not, they’re describing John Fairfax. You couldn’t create a more dynamic character in a novel than the actual man. The first man to row across the Atlantic and then Pacific Oceans, John Fairfax, got kicked out of Boy Scouts at 9 years old for stealing a pistol and opening fire on a group of other scouts (no one was killed). At 13, he ran away to the Amazon jungle to live in the wild. By 20, he attempted ‘suicide-by-jaguar,’ but reconsidered and killed the jaguar to sell its pelt.

“Shortly after, he became a pirate and in 1969, just for the hell of it, rowed from the Canary Islands to Florida in a 22-foot-long row boat. It took him 180 days. In 1971, Fairfax and friend Sylvia Cook, rowed a horrendous 8,000 miles from San Francisco to Hayman Island, Australia. It took them 361 days, also making Cook the first woman to row across the Pacific. Along the way, Fairfax was bitten on the arm by a shark and they were caught in a cyclone. Support boat? Yeah, right. A legend of a human being, Fairfax passed away in 2012.”

RedBull.com | The Gnarliest Ocean Crossings of All Time


Albee Layer’s new movie, Nervous Laughter, is great. Next time I’m on Maui I will not look him up, at least for Blue Shield of California’s sake.