realization: I have an entire body

Some do not, to be sure, but I have basically an anatomically complete frame. And it all works fairly well (big shout out to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital). So while my passion for beefing arms, coupled with a disdain for leg activities, serves me well at the cliff I do acknowledge the utility a complete physiology affords. I do, after all, need to transport myself to said cliff. I should do some Olympic lifts. How better to reinforce all the physiological systems from tip to toe? There are probably some equally good exercises but let’s agree that the snatch does incorporate all our stuff. Furthermore, one could argue that those of us fortunate enough to benefit from the bump in weight loss missing limbs/organs affords would benefit even more from developing a holistic craft like Olympic lifting. By the way, this is truly awesome to behold:

So there, I have no excuse. I am also encouraged knowing I have never regretted rounding out my fitness. I have also never regretted lifting weights. Anyway, it’s settled. Remaining obstacles look like this:

  1. My ankle mobility is fully fugg’d from non-use, broken legs, ignorance, etc.
  2. My hip mobility is fully fugg’d from sitting professionally.
  3. My shoulder mobility is markedly improved but technically still pretty fugg’d in the front-rack position.

I look at this list as a litany of reasons to get after the Oly lifts. Truth be told, I do enjoy activities beyond hangboarding and look forward to fixing my mobility issues. Here’s the plan:

  1. Get comfortable in the squat.
  2. Something, something in the month of May
  3. Do the damn thang.

Coleman Sweeney incorporates his entire body and he’s the World’s Biggest Asshole: