fun messiah

If Steve Edwards were still with us he would be 56 today. So I ask myself what Steve would think of my life in its current state.

Steve, I’m getting out there about as much as I possibly can. I’ve been on dawn patrol for every big swell since my leg’s been put back together. I’ve paddled, biked, weightlifted, climbed, hiked and chilled outdoors this fall more than ever before. I’m very content.

It can’t always be fun at the beach, I know. There are still two climbing projects stuck in my craw. I haven’t forgotten, Steve. I’m still focused. I’ll get them wrapped up so I can move onto weirder obsessions. I just need a little more time here, let’s not get pushy.

Thanks, I suppose, for being our messiah of fun. Now we can hold you up as a sacrosanct justification for following our own fun quests. Mostly just thanks for having tons of fun while you were here. That ended up being really inspiring.